Our mission statement

Society is the collective of people. We are disabled people, people of many origins, diverse in gender and assigned roles, with different levels of privilege, and varied needs and ambitions. Society is our homes, workplaces, common spaces and everything in between. Society is interactive, ever growing and ever changing state of existence. We exist together, why not do so better?

We’re a think-and-do tank with an agenda, unafraid to influence and unafraid to take part. Our purpose is evolutionary and our work is future focused. We want to find a way to balance faffing about forever and patriarchal productivity.
Can the collective stop running burn-out-factories in our homes, work-places, communities and in our minds? We believe we can.
Future workspace is a frontier, and we are pioneers. We are seeking new boundaries and fresh approaches. We seek a space-for-all evolution and the shapes of systems-for-all to come.
As technology and societies accelerate, engagement for all needs must catch up. Citizens need to be empowered and heard beyond the loudest voice in the room.

We’re looking for new branches of system evolution for the 21st century, with focus on protecting the safety and health of all participant in public discussion with holistic security methods based on philosophy of caring democracy, empathy and empowerment.
We include a holistic perspective in everything we do. Potential for deep meaningful participation is what really sets the 21st century apart. Participation can be hyper-local or global, but the important thing is that every participant is at the center of a network, not at the bottom of a hierarchy.
As a society we are well into the “networked age”, and it should be obvious that digital engagement is a completely integral part of future democracy and participation. That’s why the digital perspective must never be an afterthought.
Digital rights are human rights, network neutrality is equal access to infrastructure. Equally a component and a catalyst of society, the internet accelerates all change, and must always be accounted for.
We advocate for a free and open internet, as an integral part of democracy and participation, now and in the future – with access for all.

What we do? future404 conducts research, publishes, arranges conferences, takes on practical projects and holds workshops to promote public debate and civic engagement.
Why now? Around the world, representative democracy systems that served us well in the 20th century are failing. We see people dis-empowered yet yearning for change and to be heard, creating fertile grounds for fresh new ideas. We believe that in order to keep spaces moving forward, we need to find the examples of progressive thinking that can gain momentum and track its progress.
We believe that by following their stories, we can find a narrative of the birth of new inclusion for all method in our time.