Society is a collective of people. We are disabled people, people of many origins, diverse in gender and assigned roles, with different levels of privilege, and varied needs and ambitions. Society is our homes, workplaces, common spaces and everything in between. Society is interactive, ever growing and ever changing state of existence. We exist together, why not do so better?


Surveillance saturated society?


They seem to be everywhere we go and their number seem to rise without any discussion or awareness. We have been told they are there for our security and for society’s security, and to make it easier for law enforcement to do their job. They are found on the streets, in shops, restaurants and even in our kid’s rooms. But what happens when video surveillance stops being about our security and starts invading our privacy without us knowing or being able to do anything about it?

future404 is hiring: Operations Manager


We are looking for a part-time Operations Manager to help us balance the fast paced environment we work in by supporting us with the day-to-day operations of our Virtual Office.

Virtual offices are the future


future404 ehf. and 1984 ehf. have signed a contract with Nextcloud GmbH. In collaboration the two companies will be regional representatives for Nextcloud, offering subscriptions to the Virtual office space, technical set up and support.